An Interactive Play-to-Earn NFT Game

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A Play-to-Earn Battle Simulation

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Who are the ZORANS?

The ZORANS are the creation of Moses Brukias. After suffering a near fatal accident organized by a sinister evil, Moses loses himself to his alter ego “Drox,” develops the ZORANS machines and decides the fate of all humanity in an epic thriller!

  • Illustration Artist
  • 3D Modeler
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Playable NFT's

ZORANS is a dynamic story and brand that is releasing many series of playable NFT’s within a player-versus-player (PvP), play-to-earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem. The game is enabled by your playable ZORANS NFT collectibles and a dynamic ZORANS token model where players create their own Zorans Empire by building, training and equipping their ZORANS and testing their abilities, strength and destructiveness within a battle simulation.

Why Zorans?

The ZORANS has been a story and brand being developed for years way before the existence of NFT’s popularity. The team backing this project has self funded all the technology behind the motion capture capability of each character and has extensive success through multiple company acquisitions and sales. The team is relentless, trusted and dedicated to the success of the ZORANS brand.

Masterfully Designed

The design of the NFT’s have taken over 100+ design iterations and evolutions. Each character has a name and purpose and they have been beautifully crafted by a group of brilliant creative minds. We expect you to be able to own our 3D character to bring it into other worlds.

Fully Integrated Metaverse

We expect the ZORANS Empire to be a self managed and self replicated enclosed gaming ecosystem with multiple minted NFT series expanding, enhancing and enabling your assets utility within games, metaverse land, and so much more.

Play-to-Earn (P2E)

ZORANS Empire is a new type of game, where its players partially own and operate the ecosystem. How will you earn and operate? We believe there to be one billion (1,000,000,000) governance tokens that you can earn through daily token earn-outs and decide the future of the game.

Growing Project

ZORANS brand is competitive to Star Wars and when you invest into this project you have fractional ownership early on with valuable assets as our team then creates many other deliverables to experience such as: music, TV shows, comic books, merchandise, etc.


Early Q1 2022
Website Launch
Early Q2 2022
Community Launch
Coming Soon
General Public NFT Launch
Coming Soon
Game Development Start
Coming Soon
Zorans Token Inception Launch
Coming Soon
Alpha Early Gamer Access
Coming Soon
Beta Launch & Access
Coming Soon
Game Launch


Portrait photo of co-founder Dan


Portrait photo of co-founder Dan


Portrait photo of co-founder Dan
3d Artist & design


Portrait photo of co-founder Dan
Story & Creative


Portrait photo of co-founder Dan
Unreal Engine Expert


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the ZORANS?

The ZORANS are a robot army created and controlled by Drox and his henchman. The ZORANS is a brand and story of epic proportion.

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How can I get involved promoting and supporting the ZORANS ecosystem?

We believe that the success of our game is because of the dedication of the team and the communities support and involvement. First by starting off by following our social media below, purchasing our NFT’s and sharing via email and social to all your friends and family about our company.

Any additional ways to earn NFTs, tokens or rewards being given out for community involvement?

Yes follow us on our social platforms, we expect to have several NFT drops and ways to earn ETH, BTC and other tokens through engagement.

How do I get started with ZORANS?

First follow us on our social platforms and purchase at least one ZORANS robot to participate in our play-to-earn game.

Need help, have a question or want to learn about the ZORANS ecosystem?

Follow up on our social media platforms below and ask our team any questions in discord members and managers.

Minting, NFTs, Gaming & Economy

How many tokens and what is the purpose of the governance and utility tokens?

Governance tokens will provide the ability for the community to have a say in the direction and decisions made for the ZORANS Empire ecosystem and the utility token we see as a ratio of 100 to 1 to the governance token as an in game reward to earn as you play. The utility token will be able to enhance and upgrade your ZORANS robot forces and the governance token will be used to purchase in game assets.

How many NFT’s will be within the first batch?

There will be a unique combination of 8,888 unique ZORANS Robots for the “NFT Series 1 ZORANS Robots.

How many ZORANS can I mint per wallet?

You will be able to purchase and mint up to 2 if you apart of the exclusive whitelist group for the early sale and for the general public sale to purchase and mint up to 5 per wallet.


Will there be a ZORANS Metaverse?

We are not certain that there will be a metaverse per se but we can see both land and spaces being available to store your ZORANS gameplay assets.

Will there be additional NFT Series the ZORANS will launch for the ecosystem?

ZORANS team is unsure to give any exact promises but we’d like to expect to see some or all of the items listed below in future drops to allow each ZORANS Empire leader expand their universe of ZORANS assets and create a super power.

• ZORANS Robots
• Weapons
• ZORANS animatronic sidekicks
• HUMAN1 Prototypes
• Robots Vehicles
• Land & Spaces
• Land & Space's Items
• ZORANS Leaders
• Human ZORANS
• Helmets


When can we purchase ZORANS toys, comic books, watch the TV shows or see other deliverables that go public?

Our team is strongly focused on the NFT Series 1 ZORANS Robots as the first public deliverable. From there we will incrementally create other experiences that allow you to go as deep as you’d like in the ZORANS Universe.

Will you be donating to Charity?

Yes! We’ve identified a few charities that share our sentiment with the singularity, which is a moment in time when the acceleration of technology moves at such exponential veracity that it can create negative irreversible impacts on human life and existence. As technology takes over more of our daily life at a minimum we want to support companies that are helping with the regulation and de-acceleration of AI that could lead to negative impacts on the environment and earth.

Are there any career opportunities with the ZORANS brand?

Yes! We are always expanding our team so if you are or know of someone who is a gamer developer, smart contract Developer, blockchain developer, social influencer, animator, 3D sculptor, modeler or technical director then please send us a comprehensive email with examples of your past work, social links and on how you can help grow our brand as we are always looking to expand our team.

If you believe you can add value or want to join our team whether or not the role was specified above please connect with our staff on Discord.