Volume 1: The Life of A Beautiful & Brilliant Man

Moses Brukias always told and taught by his family that he was a leader, special and someone who would make a great impact on the world. He had great ambition as a young boy, working young and wanting to make money to help provide for his family. He always loved computers, tearing them apart and learning all the internal components and putting them back together. He was the youngest of three children in a beautiful family raised outside of the big city. His family lived a humble middle-class lifestyle where his father was away most of the time working to provide. He remembers being very proud of his father and thankful for his mother and family. 

As he grew older, Moses studied at the top institutes on the planet and later won several awards and had been recognized for his research and theories in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), sentient robotics, and the singularity, which is a projected future moment in time when the growth of technology becomes self-replicating, and irreversible.

He was a brilliant yet troubled technologist and doctor, which was what made him different being able to combine his knowledge of the human anatomy with the possibilities of bridging and merging technology in the body. Moses is one of the most passionate individuals driven by a conviction that his singular purpose on earth was to sustain the essence of life and human consciousness on the planet. His greatest fear and what made him a world-renowned expert was his thesis on the dangers of AI if it was not regulated as he believed that it would become out of control resulting in unforeseeable negative impacts on civilization.

Volume 2: Don’t Land On The Radar

Moses was actively collaborating and advancing his mission to safeguard humanities future with the most brilliant minds, the wealthy and the influential leaders, governments, and organizations. He considered only a few colleagues to be untainted by the system which so easily infested their minds with money, power, and agendas to control the mental construct and beliefs of societies. He was a purist at his deepest form, full of unprofessional transparency, authenticity and vulnerability which often got him in trouble because of his blunt, brash and direct responses to the poetic dogmatic pedagogical elitist who valued an unhealthy and unbalanced version of capitalism. He was not an aristocrat and could not be bought because he came from the bottom, he came from nothing and valued very little but to serve the common man and woman.

Moses had a strong spirit but only to his lovely wife could he bear his soul and how the constant rejection, strategized attacks by the media to defame his opinion, and the constant opposing progress depleted his faith in humans. Beyond anyone’s imagination, Moses had triggered an even greater powers attention. A sinister evil, far worse and greater than any man or woman had caught attention to the power of Moses’ opinion, conviction, and resistance to the inevitable dangers of the evolution and acceleration of technology. This evil was more than a being, it could almost be referenced as the “Ultimate Power,” something beyond physical form. Moses was believed to be a polarizing force that stood between the outcome of the agenda of this Power.

Volume 3: Only the Great Fall

On his routine weekly special Saturday night dinner, Moses and his family were in a tragic accident that took the lives of his whole family. The world mourned as one of the top innovative minds on the planet had been taken at the pinnacle moments of his carrier and life. The crash off resulted in bodies being unrecoverable, and with his last ounce of energy Moses crawled from the wreckage as a new man but not a better one. Realizing that all that he loved, he never lived for but rather gave his life for a mission that was not loved or respected, he turned on his own vision. From love to hate, wrath, unforgiveness, anger and unreconciled memories filled his mind and heart. He no longer longed to save the human race or even protect it but rather to take life into his own hands after the life of his family slipped through his hands.

It took him years to fully recover from the accident. He was denied human trials for decades but now as his body became more lifeless, he decided to impalement his technology advancements into a symbiotic relationship with his anatomy resulting in an anomaly success. To merge the complexity of the human body with advanced robotic interface had never been done before let alone even approved at the lowest level considering the legislative agendas resisting the protection of humanity. Still Moses had not known that the fatal accident was not an accident but rather an elaborate attempt to take his life and stop his efforts of the acceleration of an AI   superintelligence from being created that would end as an unstoppable army that could be used to control and harvest the human race by the sinister evil.  

Volume 4: Becoming The Evil We Hate


Volume 4: Becoming The Evil We Hate Rage had driven Moses further into even greater discoveries of the possibilities of his technology on the earth. The accident had accelerated the advancement of AI because he no longer was resisting and stopping its progress but rather was the force and power behind the creation of it. Living in the shadows, the world had forgotten the mourning of his life, even he forgot his name, creating in his mind a new man, a new expression of his insanity: DROX. Destruction, Revenge,  Outrage and at multiplied numerical expression of 10. He believed that his life would prove out the very existence and fear that haunted him in every human on the planet. The creation of his army he called the ZORANS, the most advanced creation of AI within a robot, to be controlled by Drox.

Drox completely blocked out the beautiful memories of his past life and the life that was once a cherished memory because a haunting nightmare. Yet in the darkest of moments, color, a soft sound, light came in through a glimpse and beauty of the face of his family and voice of his wife. He had soon and so easily forgotten all that once was. Often, he would laugh at the notion of being the “bad” guy in the story as he felt that he was not evil but rather a wolf now in sheep’s clothing helping the world by controlling the power that he once spoke of. He had tricked himself, lied to himself and fully lost himself not even seeing that he now was the evil that he once warned the world to be. Those that resisted him in his pursuit, had now joined him on the opposing side. He had raised up dictatorial leaders each building up and summoning their own ZORANS to stand for a cause that was anti human rights. The fate of the world would be decided by whether or not those in power would not forget the silent voice of good within.  

Volume 5: The Power of Love

The Ultimate Power didn’t assume to believe that a decision to end Moses life would end up in their vision being accelerated by the very man who opposed them. The interconnectedness of this evil with technology showed that binary data would always conflict with human logic, emotions, life and free will. Good became evil by simply taking the good from Moses’ life. A moment now stood between the fate of the world. Would the power of love pull through Drox back to memory of what life was before he had given himself over to technology? Would Drox ever know that it was himself that caused the accident but rather a plot of even greater evil to take him from his mission? Would love win and would a simple human have another chance to forgive, reconcile and make his wrongs truly right?

Only time will show the fate of this story. Join the fight for good. Each ZORAN can only take on the traits, personality and expression of its creator. What side will you battle on?